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Love Aqua Buying Guide
Love Aqua Buying Guide
Water resistant laminate flooring
Laminate flooring is popular in the UK because it is quick to install and is available in a huge number of decors and quality options. However, until now it hasn’t been suitable for use in bathrooms or other wet areas. 

Love AQUA is the first water-resistant laminate collection from Lifestyle Floors. Love AQUA can be installed in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and entrances, it’s our most flexible laminate yet.

Which room?
We usually say that laminate is suitable for almost any room in the home, with bathrooms and wet areas being the exception. 

However, Love AQUA is designed specifically to extend the capabilities of laminate to include bathrooms. It’s also perfect for other areas that may become wet such as kitchens, laundries and entrances. 

Why Love AQUA?
Although Love AQUA is suitable for almost any area in the home, it is important to make sure that you are choosing the correct laminate to suit your interior space. 

There are a few things to consider, including AC rating, thickness and design. 

AC rating
An AC rating is a way of defining how strong and durable a laminate floor is.  Rated from 1 to 5, the higher the number, the tougher you can expect the floor to be. The floor has undergone rigorous testing to determine its resistance to a number of factors including abrasion and moisture. 

We’re very happy to say that Love AQUA has been rated as AC4, which is the second highest rating available in a laminate floor.  This means it is suitable for homes and commercial spaces, such as small offices, cafes or shops. 

Another factor to consider when choosing laminate is the thickness. Thicker laminate often feels more like real wood, as it allows for more detailed designs on the surface such as register embossing, where the etching perfectly matches the grain of the wood printed on the plank. 

A thicker laminate can also provide additional acoustic insulation, which may be a consideration for rooms upstairs. However, thicker laminates can be more expensive. 

Love AQUA is an 8mm laminate, which is a great middle ground. Its thickness is plenty to obtain a super-realistic look and it offers register embossing on all decors. In addition, although water-resistant laminates are slightly more expensive, Love AQUA remains competitively priced. 

Love AQUA encompasses a wide range of realistic-high definition decors. 

From the knotted white of Ripple through to the stained-oak effect of Bubble, we are sure you will find a floor to fall in love with. 

Love AQUA is constructed in a similar way to all laminates, with several layers sandwiched together under high pressure and heat to form the end product. A special water-repelling coating and lacquered bevel ensures no water can seep through either the surface or through the watertight UNICLIC® connection. 

This coating and bevel protect Love AQUA against stains and fades, as well as making it easy to clean and maintain.  

Start off on the right foot
As with all of our flooring, we recommend that Love AQUA is fitted by a competent, trained installer to BS 8203:2017 standards. You can search for a local retailer on our website, who will be happy to recommend an installer. 

It’s important to always buy laminate from a reputable flooring retailer. If the laminate flooring hasn’t been correctly stored, the boards may have been damaged, which could cause the layers to come away (delaminate), or the click system to not click together as designed. 

Love AQUA uses the world renowned, watertight UNICLIC® locking system to keep your subfloor dry. The UNICLIC® click connection also makes installation simpler, even in tighter spaces. 

Love AQUA can be fitted exactly like a traditional laminate floor. In wet areas, no tanking or special preparation is required. Simply lay a suitable laminate underlay (such as our Ultra-Light XPS Underlay) and then fit as normal. 

To protect against water getting beneath the floor in wet areas, expansion joints must be filled with a compressible PE-foam and sealed with a flexible silicone. Skirting boards, floor profiles and rosettes around the radiator must be sealed along the wall edge or profile and floorcovering.

Keep Love AQUA looking good
Love AQUA doesn’t require any more attention or care than regular laminate. The protective, water-resistant layer is designed to protect against stains and damage, to help keep your floor looking good for years to come. 

Dry mopping or wiping the floor every day, alongside regular vacuuming will help to keep dirt and dust at bay – just make sure to use the brush head attachment on your vacuum cleaner to avoid scratches.

Occasionally use a slight damp mop or a towel soaked in warm water and squeezed out to get rid of any stray footprints or other small marks. You can also use a special laminate floor cleaning product for this. 

Wet mopping, washing with water or using soaps, detergents, bleaches and other cleaning agents should be avoided, as this can cause the planks to swell, warp and wear prematurely.

It’s important to be extra careful with the bevelled edge as it may chip more easily than the main plank and this isn’t covered by the wear warranty. 

Life's little accidents
No matter how well you clean and protect your laminate flooring, accidents are unavoidable, especially if you have pets or children in the house.
The water-repelling coating gives Love AQUA its stain resistance properties to common household spillages including red wine, ketchup, coffee and mud.

Regardless, a quick reaction can save your flooring and avoid permanent staining. The main thing to avoid is liquid seeping into the flooring joints which can weaken or damage them.  Once a spillage has occurred, immediately blot the liquid with paper towels. 

Once you have soaked up the liquid, slightly dampen a towel in warm water and gently scrub the affected area to remove any residue. You may also use laminate floor cleaner to remove the stains.

Any small gouge marks or scratches can be repaired by using touch up kits, but more serious damage may require planks being replaced.

Wear and stain warranties
The collection comes with a 20 year residential wear warranty, a 10 year commercial wear warranty and a 5 year residential wet warranty. 

Love AQUA is suitable for any room in the house including bathrooms but excluding wet rooms and the wear warranty covers:
  • Visible defects: guarantee that there will be no visible surface defects. Before installing the Love AQUA laminate flooring and accessories, they must be thoroughly checked for visible defects under the best lighting conditions. In any case the customer must refrain from installing visibly defective products.
  • Wear resistance: guarantee that with normal use the laminate surface will stay wear-resistant, so it includes a reduced resistance of the wearing surface.
  • Delamination: guarantee that with normal use the laminate surface will not de-laminate.
  • Stain resistance: guarantee that the laminated floor surfaces are resistant to stains such as from red wine, ketchup, coffee, mud, etc.
  • Water resistant guarantee as further described for water resistant Love AQUA laminate flooring.
  • Production defects

Real peace of mind
Our warranties ensure that your floorcovering is protected and designed to suit your requirements and your budget. Depending on the range purchased, our warranties last from 5 years to a lifetime, which is another way that you can choose a floorcovering that’s right for you. 
Lifestyle Floors warranties cover the wear of our resilient flooring, including laminate, LVT and vinyl.

Warranty conditions
The term “residential applications” shall be understood as: the use of the laminate as a floor covering in a private residence that is used for private purposes only.

The term “commercial applications” shall be understood as: the use of the laminate as a floor covering in non-residential premises, including but not limited to hotels, offices and shops.

The above mentioned commercial warranty does not apply to:
  • All food areas, such as, but not limited to, restaurants and cafeterias, pubs, dance halls.
  • All institutional applications, such as, but not limited to hospitals and government buildings.
  • Heavy commercial areas, such as, but not limited to airports, lobbies, schools and barber shops.
  • Other areas that have heavy traffic and immediate access to street traffic.
The warranty period starts on the date of the purchase.

The residential and commercial warranty are both pro rata. A pro rata warranty is one that provides for a refund or credit that decreases according to a set formula as the warranty period progresses. So, the warranty value is reduced by amount of time that you own it. When a claim is made, the value of the warranty becomes a percentage rate of the number of years of ownership based on the above usage (commercial or residential).

Damage to the product resulting from a defect that was not inherently present at the time of purchase falls outside the scope of this warranty. This includes damage caused by:
  • Inadequate placement, i.e., placement not according to the installation instructions and/or without making use of the approved accessories.
  • Non-compliance with the instructions for cleaning and maintenance as described in the installation maintenance instructions.
  • Accidents or inappropriate and inadequate usage.
  • Abnormal wear such as may be caused by spiked shoes, inadequate protection from furniture, grit, sand and other hard materials. Damage caused by sand, dirt or any other abrasive material must be prevented by placing a suitable floor mat at all entrance doors. To determine whether the wear is abnormal, relevant ambient factors, the duration and the intensity of use of the product are taken into account.
  • Water damage caused by ice machines, refrigerators, sinks, dishwashers, pipes, natural disasters, excessive moisture in concrete slabs, hydrostatic pressure, etc. In case of the presence of water and/or moisture on the floor and/or around the skirting boards, this must be removed within 6 hours
  • Incorrect removal or replacement of panels.
  • Damage caused by vacuum cleaner frames or by the hard or metal wheels of office chairs or other furniture. With laminate floors, furniture legs should always be fitted with suitable protective material. Chairs, easy chairs/settees or furniture on wheels must be fitted with soft wheels or must be placed on specially adapted protective carpet or plates.
  • Damage caused by corrosive or abrasive substances such as pet urine.
  • The reduced resistance of the V-groove is not included in the warranty.
  • A change to the gloss level does not apply as wear of the laminate surface.
  • Love AQUA is fade resistant, not 100% fade proof. It is generally accepted that all gloss finishes (i.e., paint, glass, furniture or car surfaces etc) are susceptible to superficial fading/gloss variation. This is not considered as a product fault.
Please keep your receipt. If the Love AQUA laminate floor is not installed by the user, but by a floor layer/installer, the latter should provide the user with a copy of the installation and maintenance instructions and the warranty conditions.

For questions regarding guarantees, we recommend that you contact your Love AQUA laminate flooring distributor where you purchased the laminate floor. Should your Love AQUA laminate flooring distributor be unable to provide you with answers or should you need additional information, you can contact us by going to and click on contact. The Lifestyle Floors guarantee conditions do not affect the legally applicable guarantee on Lifestyle Floors products. Lifestyle Floors reserves the right to inspect the complaint and claim concerning its product on site, installed or otherwise, and must be given the opportunity to do so. Without prior approval of Lifestyle Floors, no repairs or replacements may be made to a Lifestyle Floors brand laminate floor for which a warranty claim has been made.

5 year residential water resistance guarantee
  • This guarantee on water resistance only applies to residential installations of water resistant Love AQUA laminate floors in wet areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens and entrances. Product failures in these areas are under guarantee if all the installation instructions and the general guarantee conditions have been met (see above).
  • The floor may not be installed in very moist places or extremely dry places or places with extremely high temperatures (such as, but not limited to, saunas, swimming pools and rooms with built-in drainage, such as showers).
  • Remaining moisture on the floor and on or around the skirting boards, wall base or profile, must be removed within 6 hours. Maintenance with too much water and/or the use of incorrect cleaning agents must be avoided at all times as prolonged exposure to moisture can cause irreversible damage to your laminate floor, the installation instructions must be followed.
  • All expansion joints must be filled with a compressible PE-foam and sealed with a flexible silicone in accordance with the installation instructions. Skirting boards, floor profiles and rosettes around the radiator pipes must be sealed along the wall and floor covering to avoid water getting underneath the floor.
  • The water resistance guarantee excludes damage caused by natural disasters (for example, flooding) or naturally occurring circumstances/accidents (for example sanitary breakdowns, pet urine, leaking dishwashers, leaking washing machines and/or dryers etc).

Invoking the warranty - authorisation of warranty claims
  • In order to invoke the warranty, you must present the original dated invoice to your dealer or point of sale where you purchased the Love AQUA laminate flooring.
  • The warranty can only be invoked by the first user or the original purchaser of the Love AQUA laminate flooring, and cannot be transferred. The first user or the original purchaser is the one indicated on the original invoice.
  • Any visible defects must be reported to the distributor and/or installer or in the ultimate case, to Lifestyle Floors at the latest 3 calendar days after purchase. Defective products will be replaced. Any complaints on visible defects made after this period shall not qualify for the warranty.
  • In the event of material or production defects in the Love AQUA laminate flooring, the distributer/dealer/installer will check your claim and if a product or production failure is detected it will be passed to Lifestyle Floors. Lifestyle Floors will replace the defective products in accordance with the present warranty conditions.
  • For the warranty to be able to be invoked, the damage to the product must be obvious and the damaged surface area must be at least 1 cm² per product unit (panel, accessory, etc.). Such damage must not be the result of misuse or accidents, including but not restricted to mechanical damage such as heavy impact damage, scratches or grooves (for example by dragging furniture) or notches.
  • If the warranty can be invoked with a valid claim, Lifestyle Floors will replace the laminate floor with floor panels from the Lifestyle Floors collections that are in stock at the time when the claim is received. This is limited to the replacement of the defective Lifestyle Floors laminate floors and excludes compensation for any other incidental damage or costs incurred or to be incurred such as, but not restricted to, placement costs and removal expenses.
  • Lifestyle Floors provides no other warranty whatsoever, neither explicit nor tacit, than the one specified in the current warranty conditions. Unless the legislation of the country of purchase does not permit this, and with the exception of the statutory provisions concerning product liability, Lifestyle Floors cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damages and costs resulting from deficient products. In any case, Lifestyle Floors cannot be held liable for the costs of the removal and laying of the laminate products, and/or travelling expenses or transaction costs.
At Lifestyle Floors, we understand the importance of choosing a floorcovering that is the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle. Our nationwide network of independent flooring retailers are on hand to offer you expert advice and support. To find your nearest independent retailer click here.
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At Lifestyle Floors, we understand the importance of choosing a floorcovering that is the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle. Our nationwide network of independent flooring retailers are on hand to offer you expert advice and support. To find your nearest independent retailer click here.
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