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LVT buying guide
LVT buying guide
Choosing LVT
Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is the fastest growing flooring choice in the UK.  It combines the look and appeal of natural materials with the convenience, versatility and practicality of an engineered vinyl floor. 

LVT is designed to look like real stone, wood, or even contemporary abstract designs. LVT not only looks like the real thing, but it feels like it too, because the grain of wood and the worn surface of stone is replicated in its surface. When you feel the warmth, comfort and quietness of an LVT floor you realise how clever the reproduction is, which is why we offer free home samples. 

If you’re looking for the convenience of vinyl flooring with a little more luxury, then LVT might just be the perfect floor for your home. 

Which room?
LVT is suitable for any room in the house.  

It’s brilliant in kitchens, where spills can easily be wiped away; invaluable in bathrooms, where its waterproof properties come into their own; and conservatories and hallways where the outdoors comes inside. 

Equally, the warmth and softness of LVT means it can work well in dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms where it provides a contemporary, easy-clean alternative to carpets. 

Favourite format
Lifestyle Floors LVT is available in three formats: Dryback , 5G Clic and PEC. The latter two are forms of click LVT, where the click mechanism means the tiles and planks can be clicked together on installation, forming a floating floor. The other type is called a Dryback or stick-down floor, which means the planks and tiles are glued to your subfloor during installation. 

Both click and Dryback LVT have their merits and it’s important to understand the features and benefits of both, so you can choose the best floor for your home. Your independent flooring retailer will be happy to talk you through the different formats of LVT, as well as assess your subfloor as this will have an impact on your choices and the cost of fitting. 

However, we have included a quick run-down here:

Dryback is the original format of LVT. Tough, yet flexible tiles are adhered to the subfloor with a special LVT adhesive. 
Dryback LVT, unlike 5G Clic and PEC, doesn’t require an expansion gap and can be used with designer inlay strips to create a unique design, including borders and grout lines. 
Dryback is glued directly to the subfloor, any existing floorcoverings must be completely removed, and the floor underneath made perfectly smooth. In addition, any damp issues must be addressed prior to installation. 
Once correctly installed, Dryback is extremely tough and durable, being able to perform well in all areas of the home. This includes high-temperature areas such as conservatories and rooms where there are a lot of windows and the flooring will shrink and contract with the extreme temperature variations. 

5G Clic
5G Clic LVT uses a sophisticated click-together fitting system, similar to laminate. 
5G Clic is thicker than Dryback and some subfloor imperfections can be hidden (up to 3mm unevenness over 2m). 5G Clic can also be laid on top of existing hard floorcoverings such as vinyl, as long as the existing floorcovering is flat and dry. It can be laid straight to the subfloor without the need for an underlay. 
There is no need for an adhesive with 5G Clic, so the installation time is significantly less than with Dryback. 
5G Clic is a floating floor system that will expand and contract, and therefore isn’t suitable for conservatories or other areas subject to high temperature fluctuations. 
In areas of high temperature i.e. conservatories, the floor will need to be stuck down or the edges glued together using Cold Weld (your retailer will advise you on this). 

Precision Engineered Core
Precision Engineered Core (PEC) is a click-together system with added benefits. 
PEC has a rigid construction that makes it more tolerant to uneven floors than 5G Clic, meaning it is the perfect choice for those with an imperfect, but dry, subfloor (up to 4.75mm unevenness over 2m). 
PEC is similar to 5G Clic, but in some circumstances PEC can offer more stability, leading to an even stronger finished floor. 
Because PEC has an integrated cork backing it offers additional warmth and protection, as well as enhanced tolerance of temperature fluctuations. 

Start off on the right foot
LVT should always be fitted by a professional flooring installer as it requires specialist fitting techniques for the best results, particularly when it comes to our dryback products. 

Many of our retailers will be able to work with you to design a flooring that’s unique to your home and ensure that the end result is as close as possible to your vision – including design elements such as our LVT design strips. 

LVT can be fitted over most types of subfloor and used in conjunction with underfloor heating, although the subfloor may need pre-treatment to ensure a perfect result. Your retailer will visit your home to take accurate measurements, determine its suitability for LVT and assess what preparation will be necessary. 

Please note that 5G Clic ranges are not suitable for installation in high temperature areas over 32 degrees, including conservatories or rooms subject to intense sunlight. There are ways to deal with this limitation, including gluing down the floor or using Cold Weld on the joints, which your flooring installer should inform you of.

Keep it looking good
LVT flooring is super easy to keep clean and maintain in good condition. It can be swept with a broom and cleaned with a mop using cleaning products designed for LVT. 

Using a soft-bristle broom or dustpan and brush will help to avoid scratches, which can be caused by vacuum cleaners. 

Never use household cleaners on LVT unless they are specified for floors – especially washing up liquid or bleach-based cleaners. Many general household cleaners will leave an oily residue which could make the floor greasy and lead to slip hazards. 

To reduce the amount of dirt and grit carried in from outside, it’s a good idea to place non-rubber mats in doorways. However, stay away from rubber or latex, as it could cause permanent discolouration of the floor. 

If you have heavy furniture, use wheel castors or cups to spread the weight and avoid indentations on the floor and damage to the subfloor. 
Never slide or drag furniture across the floor as it will mark the surface. Instead, lift furniture or use a piece of carpet, backing side up, to move furniture that can’t be lifted. 

Avoid hot items touching or falling on your floor as this may cause permanent damage. 

Wear and stain warranties
Our comprehensive wear warranty ensures your Lifestyle Floors LVT will be free from manufacturing defects for the duration of the warranty, provided it has been installed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Warranty conditions 
  • The LVT must be professionally fitted to BS52325 standards.
  • The domestic warranties cover domestic use in your single-family home in the UK or Channel Islands and you are unable to transfer this warranty without prior written authority from Lifestyle Floors.
  • You need to closely follow LVT cleaning and maintenance instructions.
  • Manufacturing defects must be reported within three months from the date of purchase.
Warranty exclusions 
  • Improper installation. 
  • Installation with obvious manufacturing defects.
  • Improper maintenance; dulled by soaps, detergents, harsh chemicals, dressings, one-step cleaners or wax
  • Damage by narrow tipped heels, burns, cigarette burns, cuts, scratches, gouges and indentations including damage from improper floor protectors and furniture rests; staining caused by dyes tracked from carpet, fertilisers, coal, tar, driveway sealers, oil drippings or other similar material; faded or discoloured by sunlight or heat generation.
  • Minimal variations in colour, shape or texture between samples or brochure illustrations and the actual floor covering are not covered.
  • Problems or damage due to moisture and/or alkalinity in the sub floor; discolouration or bond release from hydrostatic pressure or excessive moisture caused by flooring, plumbing and appliance leads and water leakage.
  • Flooring installed over unstable subfloors (particleboard, chipwood or pressboard) or improperly prepared subfloors, wet/cold floors and/or radiant-heated floors.
  • Flooring installed in unheated or external/outside areas.
To receive your warranty certificate, register your purchase online at
At Lifestyle Floors, we understand the importance of choosing a floorcovering that is the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle. Our nationwide network of independent flooring retailers are on hand to offer you expert advice and support. To find your nearest independent retailer click here.
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At Lifestyle Floors, we understand the importance of choosing a floorcovering that is the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle. Our nationwide network of independent flooring retailers are on hand to offer you expert advice and support. To find your nearest independent retailer click here.
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